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Screen shot – Basic:

This is a basic screen shot of the application. If you download and install the software you can load this project plan by choosing the "Help" pull down from the menu bar. (Help -> Sample Projects ->A_sampleProject). There are three sample projects that come with the application for learning and experimentation.

If you look at top task in this image you will see a small green arrow. These are called "Arbitrary constraints" and are set by the user to force the start/finish dates of a task. The design philosophy I have implemented for this product is that the user cannot directly alter the dates of any task. The user can only alter the constraints which act upon each task. It is the responsibility of the constraint solving engine of jxProject to resolve those constraints and schedule the tasks.

A triangle in the upper left corner of the Work or Duration field denotes the task to be of fixed Work or fixed Duration.

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