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jxProject – Future Plans

June 19, 2012


The direction of jxProject is a heavily influenced by feedback and requests from users. This is an informal document, which is an outline of what is to come. The “News” section of www.jxProject.com is the best place to get the most up to date information on release dates.

If you do not see a feature which is important to you listed here, then send it in. Most of the planned features are based on previous user requests. The order of the features is prioritized.

Release 2.8.x.x of jxProject is scheduled to include the following:

  • Allow the user to drag and drop tasks on the schedule view (maybe Gantt also) and drop them to change their rank value and schedule times. Provide visual feedback to user during the drag on where the new rank values will take hold.

  • Show tasks assigned to the default resource on the schedule view.

  • Increase the default size of the Gantt Chart, more dragging room.

  • Put in a “check for updates” button.

  • Add email address to resources. Global Identifier?

  • Add financial capabilities such as resource cost, billing rate, profit, cost for worked hours and scheduled hours.

  • Add a user definable header for the printing of project plans, including a user image/logo.

  • Allow user to declare that tasks are disabled when the reach a specific %complete. Also, allow user to disable tasks so they are not consuming resources during resource leveling.

  • Allow the user to set the default % of resource so that when a resource is assigned to a task, it doesn't always default to 100%. Global and per resource settings.

  • Allow the user to set what is the maximum %resource commitment. Allow user to specify 120% or 80% is maximum load.

  • Add cross hairs or some other kind of visual que that lets the user see what task in the table is being hovered over when the user is over the chart.

  • Create some video tutorials!

Below are user requested features that are scheduled beyond release outlined above:

  • Add financial reporting and/or spreadsheets.

  • Improve ease of use with setting holidays and resource schedules.

  • Import and Export Microsoft Project files.

  • Allow more than one project file to be open at one time.

  • In the print preview, allow a copy to the clipboard of the chart/table images in the preview.

  • Develop dialogs for the Gantt and Schedule charts to allow the user to customize the display. This would supersede the limited chart customization functionality in the current options dialog. Allow user to control grid lines and relationships to the time scale and colors. Allow the user to chose what is rendered around each task such as assigned resource, task names, notes, Task ID, dates.

  • Allow the user to remove specific days of the week from the Chart views. An example would be to remove Saturday and Sunday.

  • Allow a color to be associated with each resource that can be displayed along with their name on the Gantt chart.

  • Allow resource names in the resource table to have a customizable display like (first last or last, first or last, first middle).

  • Allow user to select the row shading colors for the tables and charts.

  • Allow expand/collapse of summary tasks from Gantt chart.

  • Include the user documentation as part of the jxProject application.

  • In the print preview, allow individual pages, rows or columns to be selected to not be printed.

  • Allow operations such as indenting tasks to identify selected cells as task to indent an not require the entire row to be selected.

  • Add the ability to assign different colors to tasks.

  • The ability to generate and cut and paste scheduling rules in the XML format.

  • A PERT  chart.

  • Storing and retrieving projects from a database.

  • Provide French and Chinese translations of jxProject.

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