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    The jxProject product has a scrolling ad window in the upper right hand corner of the application which is present at all times while the application is running. If the user double-clicks on the advertisement, a browser window is initiated and is directed to a site of the sponsors choosing. The users of jxProject are Project Managers who are directing the activities of a project team and have direct or indirect control of a budget for that project. It is a high quality set of "eye balls" to have looking at your advertisement for products or services. It is not unusual for Project Managers to spend an hour or more per day using a PM tool, thus they see these ads many, many times.

    My research indicates there are about 7 million users of Project Management software and I conservatively estimate there are double that amount of users which would like to have the software but cannot justify the cost, which is typically several hundred dollars per seat. Since a Project Management tool is a collaborative tool, users which adopt jxProject as their PM tool will encourage others to adopt the tool as well in order to facilitate the sharing of project plans.

    The advertising program will work as follows: The sponsor window can accommodate gif or jpg advertisements of up to 468 x 80 (width x height(pixels)) in size and you can assign text for a tool-tip message which is displayed when the user hovers over the ad, and a web site URL which the user will be taken to when your ad is double-clicked. The amount of time the ad is displayed is controlled by the advertiser. Statistics of the number of times the ad was displayed, for how long, as well as the country, timezone, and language of the jxProject users are collected when the user acquires new ads. Smaller and more standard ad sizes of 468 x 60 and 392 x 72 can be used in the jxProject advertising window.

    Advertising rates: jxProject is an application, it is not a web site. Its advertising model is more like that of television than the web. In the television industry, advertising rates are set by the TV shows' projected number of viewers, the projected viewer demographic and the demand of advertisers bidding for those time slots. The demographic for jxProject will be made up of Project Managers/Members. However, I do not have any data that can be used to make credible short-term projections of number of users or advertiser demand. I am basically in the TV pilot phase right now.

    Until I am able to acquire the necessary data to calculate rates, I'll do the following: On a first come, first served basis you can purchase any available time slot for the flat rate of $25 per ad, which will run for a period of 180 consecutive days.

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