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June 19, 2012

In order to activate jxProject you must first obtain a valid serial number. Serial Numbers can be purchased directly from the www.jxProject.com web site or from an authorized reseller. The benefits of activation are outlined in the purchase/buy section of jxProject.com.

The benefits of activation are listed in the purchase/buy section of jxProject.com web site.

In order to activate jxProject, perform the following steps:

  1. Download, install and run the sponsored version of jxProject. The download and installation instructions and software are found in the download section of jxProject.com.

  2. From the jxProject application, bring up the Product Activation dialog by selecting Tools-> License Activation...

  3. In order to make sure that the activation system is alive and ready, switch over to the “Testing” tab of the Product activation dialog and push the “Run Test” button. This will initiate a connection with the jxProject servers and the activation system utilizing your network/proxy settings, if you have them set. If the test is successful, then your network connection is good, and the activation servers are ready to go. If the access fails, there should be a message which indicates what went wrong. On very rare occasions, the activation system is taken off line for maintenance. If this is the case, a message will be returned giving the reason and when the system is expected to be back on line.

  4. Obtain a jxProject serial number.

  5. From the Activation tab, enter your serial number and user information.

  6. Press the “Submit Activation Request” button. The information you enter as well as the information in the User/Machine Information area is used to produce an encrypted hash activation request. The activation request is then sent to the jxProject servers, which validate the request and appends several encrypted activation keys to complete the license. The license is specific to the machine and the user.

  7. If your network connection is at least as fast as a dial up modem, the activation process should take less than 3 seconds to complete after submitting the request. If the activation is successful, the advertising window of the application will be immediately be removed. If it is unsuccessful, check the “Activation Status” area to find out what the problem was. You can always contact support@jxProject.com if you have problems.

The Product Activation Dialog:

  • Serial Number: The serial number is all numeric, except the dashes.

  • First Name, Last Name: This should be the users first and last name. The values entered here will appear as the name of the Activated User on the jxProject splash screen.

  • e-mail, Phone Number: This should be the users email and phone number. This is just so we have some way of contacting our users if we need to let them know about issues with the software.

  • User/Machine Information: This information is gathered automatically from your machine environment and is used to generate the activation request keys.

  • Activation Status: This shows current information about the activation status of the software. During the process of activation, information about the process is posted here. If there is a problem, you would want to look here for information. You would want to email this information to support@jxProject.com if you need assistance or further explanation.

  • Submit Activation Request: When you push this button, the activation process begins. If you currently have an active license, you will be prompted to confirm that you really want to move forward with a new activation. Once an activation has been submitted and is successful, this button will be disabled to prevent the user from accidentally submitting more than one request.

  • OK, Cancel: Both of these buttons dismiss the dialog, the functionality is the same.

Notes on the activation process and upgrading:

  1. Upgrades of jxProject will respect the activation license of any previous version of jxProject. For example, you activate version, and then upgrade a month later to version, the new version will run as an activated application until the activation expires. For another example, lets say you un-install an activated version and then reinstall and/or, your license and activation will still be valid for both versions.

  2. The activation process uses HTTP protocols and session identifiers (HTTP cookies). If you are behind a firewall which removes session identifiers, you won't be able to retrieve the completed license to complete your activation. You will get a message in the Activation Status telling you that it could not retrieve the license. If this happens to you, contact support@jxProject.com and your activated license file can be emailed to you. Firewalls that block HTTP cookies are very rare, it does not increase security and renders purchasing over the Internet difficult/impossible for all of its users.

The activated jxProject splash screen:

  • Version: The is the software version number that is currently running.

  • Expires: This is the date that this version of the software expires. This is not used for production releases of the software, this is for beta versions only.

  • Activated User: The first and last name of the user that activated this installation of jxProject as entered in the Product Activation dialog at the time of activation.

  • Serial Number Hashcode: The hashcode is generated from the serial number which was used for the activation. You cannot derive the serial number from its hashcode, and the hashcode cannot be used for activation. It is a reference to the serial number which the jxProject company can use to locate the serial number if it is lost by its purchaser.

  • Activation Expires: This is the date and time at which the activation will expire and the software will revert back to the advertising version. However, there is a 7 day grace period after the activation expiration before the advertising becomes active again.

The Network Settings Dialog:

This is the Network Settings dialog. It allows the user to set the machine and port values for networks which use proxies to access the Internet. Internet access is only needed to support the updating of advertisements for the sponsor window of the jxProject application. If an authenticating proxy is being used, the username/password will be prompted for at the time of access. As a security precaution, the username/password are not stored or written to disk.

Testing Tab: This allows the user to test proxy access by attempting to retrieve a file from jxProject.com using the user specified proxy settings. The success or failure to access the server is shown to the user in detail.

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