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High quality printing is an absolute requirement for a collaborative tool such as a project management application. jxProject has full print/preview capabilities and also allows you to scale the table/chart content across the pages. This allows you to "shrink" the project plan onto as few pages as possible. The scale you use will depend on the quality of your eyesight and whether or not you wish to use a magnifying glass. Using the "metal" look and feel I can scale the project to a 0.6 and it is very readable. The smallest I can read is a 0.4 scale but it's really nice to get all that information onto just one or a few pages. You need a printer of at least 600dpi resolution to use such a small scale, but most printers are capable of 600 dpi and above these days.

You can also increase the content scale to grow the plan so it covers lots of pages. You could then wallpaper the side of a building with your project plan so people driving past could see what you were up to. Send me a picture if you do something like this. :)

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