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Screen shot - Gantt Chart with Resource Schedule Overlay: jxProject Screen Shot

This shows the regular Gantt chart with the work times of the Resources displayed on the chart along with the tasks.

Looking at this screen shot you can see that task #9 is assigned to the Resource Cliff. You can also see that task #9 is free to start on August the 26th but the task is not scheduled to start until September 2nd. With the resource schedules displayed on the chart it is easy to see that the reason task #9 is being delayed is because Cliff does not have any scheduled work time during the week of August 26th.

Because task #9 is being delayed all of the tasks dependent on task #9 are being delayed. Assigning someone other than Cliff to this task would probably be a good idea.

You probably notice that some of the work time areas show resources working at midnight. Resources for this project plan are in California and Germany. The base schedule is set to California so the work times for the German resources are in the late night/early morning hours in California time.

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